New ThinkBiggerSanJose map: Downtown building sales

Downtown San Jose is in unprecedented times. Office buildings and hotels are selling at a high rate and for record pricing sale over sale. Because of the frequency of the sales activity in the last three years, a new map has been created to track these sales: Downtown Building Sales map. Data was compiled from Nate Danato-Weinstein and Janice Bitters of the Silicon Valley Business Journal.  Each property will list the size of the building, the date of the sale(Month/Year), the price per square foot/per hotel room, the buyer, and the link to article from which the data was taken. Note: Most if not all SVBJ articles are locked, so this is as good a reason as any to purchase a subscription and get all the sale details!

As this map is a work in progress, check back frequently as new sales occur, and as I work through the sales records from the last three years. If there is a building sale that I have missed, please let me know in the comments or by email and provide a link to article. I will update the map as I can.


Thank you for your support of, looking forward to a great 2018 for downtown San Jose!


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