Join ThinkbiggerSanJose for Jane’s Walk 2017

Jane’s Walk is a annual weekend celebration of the matriarch of modern urbanist thought, Jane Jacobs. This international event is celebrated on the first weekend in May. This year it runs from Friday, May 5th through Sunday, May 7th(though some events occur throughout the month). Jane’s Walks are a great opportunity for two reasons. One: It allows you to get out and walk around a neighborhood of San Jose, and learn about a topic from a community member. Two: It is a platform for which you can be that community member leading the walk and talking about a topic of your choice. It is actually really easy. This is the 4th year Jane’s Walks have occurred in San Jose, and the 3rd year that this blog will be hosting three walks.

This year’s theme is taken from a Gensler project: I wish downtown San Jose had… The three ThinkbiggerSanJose lead walks will focus on the ideas of the group and what things people would like to see in downtown San Jose in the future. We will talk about the new developments both proposed and under construction, as well as some of the new and future tenants coming to downtown. Saturday morning’s walk is being advertised for “early risers” especially parents and children looking to explore the urban environment.

These walks are for everyone, so please bring friends, family, neighbors and even pets!

To see all the walks that are currently available in San Jose, or if you are interested in hosting a walk, please go here.

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