Welcome to the new Think Bigger San Jose!

Welcome to Think Bigger San Jose! This site is dedicated to blogging, showcasing, and celebrating urbanist exploration in downtown San Jose and beyond. This site’s primary focus is to be a consistent urbanist voice for better urban design in buildings and public spaces in downtown, and to help define a city still searching for its own unique identity. Lastly, this site will strive to be the leading resource for downtown development, with a page devoted to development and interactive resources like The Map.

A majority of this site’s focus will continue to be on exploring the current and ongoing transformation of downtown San Jose. But new areas of focus will be on a exploring the city as a whole, both as a visitor with the Visiting San Jose page, or as a new resident, with the Moving to San Jose page. What are those hidden gems, unique things to do or see, events, great local food and culture, that more people should know about? What is the physical make-up of the neighborhood? The building architecture, the parks, the history, the transit options, the grocery stores, the unique features that make it a unique place live in the city?

As this site continues to transition, there will be continued tinkering in order to provide the best experience for you, the readers. The goal of this site is to be easy to navigate through on  any device, and that content and resources are easily accessible. Please feel free to reach out through the Contact Form with any questions, feedback, or issues you are experiencing. Thanks for 5 years of support, here’s to another 5 years!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Think Bigger San Jose!

  • Joe Brant

    This is a slick website but I think the big image element at the top is overdone and needs to be fixed. First of all, the “THINK BIGGER SAN JOSE” text can be difficult to see depending on which image is being displayed. You might want to look into some tricks to increase the contrast between the text and the image. Second of all, I think that making the image pan when you move the cursor is really distracting and unnecessary.

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