From the archives: Downtown would be great for an arcade/video-game museum

As a part of Twitter’s #ThrowbackThursday, will run a series or posts from the archives of the previous version of the website. Enjoy!

arcade picture
Vintage arcade games

Downtown San Jose needs more diversity in things to do and museums are one of the main cultural attractions downtown offers. One idea would be to follow the example of the Pinball Museum in Las Vegas, and create an arcade/video-game museum where visitors can actually play the games. San Jose is full of video-game enthusiasts like myself, and a video-game museum would be very popular. This museum would be perfect, since Silicon Valley was the the genesis for many of these games. It would be a place for all ages, and children could have the opportunity to play the games many of our generation played, at their age. It is these unique museums, that tend to draw not only locals, but national attention, especially when holding national tournaments like in the movie “King of Kong- Fist Full of Quarters.” An arcade/video-game museum exemplifies the San Jose mindset, of connecting museum visitors with an interactive technology experience that fun first and foremost, even if that technology is outdated.

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