Why downtown should be for the dogs… and their owners

A couple walks a dog on the Pseo de San Antonio
A couple walking their dog on the Paseo de San Antonio

Dogs. Those lovable four legged creatures that can be so frustrating at times, but worth every moment of that frustration for the unconditional love that they have and give. Being downtown(with 3 dogs of my own), has taught me many things in six months. One of those things, is that downtown can benefit greatly from dogs, but especially from dog owners. That’s because dogs need to go out several times a day to do their business and to work off all that excitement. Be it walking, running, or chasing a ball, dogs need to go outside, and downtown benefits from all those furry creatures out and about.

How? People walking dogs create more eyes on the street. People who otherwise would come home after work, and stay home for the night, have a reason to go out and be out. The old adage, “There is safety in numbers” is right. The more people on the streets, the more dogs on the streets, the more eyes on the streets-some people don’t want seen, the better the downtown community becomes. Would you want to walk by yourself down an empty street at night, or one filled with residents walking their dogs?

But with more dogs, comes the need for more dog parks, and places for dogs and their owners to be. That will come sooner than later. But maybe St. James Park would be a logical extension to the idea that dogs help deter the criminal element and promote safety. But until then, let downtown be for the dogs… and their owners.

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