The Map: Newly updated Downtown San Jose Development map

Downtown San Jose Development Map
Downtown San Jose Development Map

The Map is back. Many people have been inquiring about current and future downtown development projects lately. What projects are going where? Who’s building what? So here is a comprehensive map of development, both proposed and under construction, in downtown San Jose. (Information accumulated from Nate Donato-Weinstein(SVBJ), Emporis, and Skyscapercity Forums.) The link to the map can be found permanently on the Development Info page.

Below are the compiled numbers from the projects highlighted on the map:

Residential: 7,062 units
Proposed: 4,878 units(171 affordable units, 50 homeless housing units).
Under construction: 2,184 units(102 affordable units)

Hotel: 328 rooms
Proposed: 74 rooms
Under construction: 254 rooms

Class A Office: Up to 1.5M Sqft
Proposed: 1.5M Sqft
Under construction: 0 Sqft.

Retail: Up to 348K Sqft
Proposed: 296K Sqft
Under construction: 52K Sqft

Public parks/plazas: 2
Proposed: 2
Under construction: 0

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12 thoughts on “The Map: Newly updated Downtown San Jose Development map

  • Frank Bosche

    Thanks so much for this! Even living downtown and being fairly well connected, it’s hard for us to keep up with all that is happening and planned to happen. I’ve shared this with my Delmas Park neighborhood list, as so much of it directly affects our lives.

  • Thanks Frank. If you could contact me through my email, I know I’m missing a couple projects from your neighborhood like the one across from the Delmas Dog Park and it would great to have that line of communication in the future.


      Back to you at last. The project at the corner of Park and Delmas is being (eventually) built by Robson Homes, designed by Steinberg. The project design has already been critiqued by the city with some very good suggestions for improvements. Robson has other priorities, so no date on when construction may begin. Meanwhile, they seem to have acquired the rest of the block out to San Carlos. This gives us hope for good development…in the fullness of time. I’ve heard that zoning changes are also in process for the lot at the south west corner of San Carlos and Josefa.  Frank BoscheDelmas Park Neighborhood Association

  • rosalinda cortez

    wonderful frank

  • Thank you so much for this. As president of the San Jose Downtown Resident’s Association, I would like to share this with our members and reference it on our website and social media pages. Is it alright to link back to this?

  • Matt G

    This is great! Thanks for compiling. Another project I’m eagerly anticipating, near downtown, is Japantown Square ( — 532 apartments, 20,300 Sqft commercial, and a great public plaza.

  • I soooo want to add “and one alligator exhibit, with beach entry” to this list. Under construction. Thank you for keeping Happy Hollow on your map of downtown!

  • Chris Blair

    This is awesome. Thanks for putting it together.
    btw, I think there is/was supposed to be yet another tower at Park & Almaden.

  • I think you have an older proposal for Virginia Terrace/ Foundry Commons on the photo there.

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