San Jose about to become MORE Awesome


San Jose, welcome to the Awesome Foundation. What is the Awesome Foundation? It is a grassroots foundation that started in Boston and has grown to 77 chapters in 18 countries and has funded 1552 projects for a total of $1,5552,000. It is as simple as 10 trustees from a chapter coming together with $100 each to fund one awesome project a month for $1,000.

And now San Jose has an Awesome Foundation chapter. This means that anyone with an awesome idea, like a 40 person hammock, or recreating the rolling boulder scene from Indiana Jones, or creating an outdoor courtyard learning space for children, can submit their idea. Whatever your idea is for San Jose, you can submit it here. Each month the trustees will decide on a winning grant and then fund that project. It’s as simple as that! So San Jose, are ready to be more Awesome?

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6 thoughts on “San Jose about to become MORE Awesome

  • Stephen

    It would be cool to see what lots get building permits so those who live downtown know what is going on. For example, the empty lot on the corner of Santa Clara St and Almaden Blvd.

  • That’s great but am hoping that they add some more retail. We need more stores and services down here!

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